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Visitor's Comments 2009, 2010 and 2011

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Mary Jac





Sandra Smith (USA)

I Love every page on here.What a Blessing ya'll are.I am on and would love to have you blessed people as my friends.Keep theses good works going,and God Bless.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.


Becca Lovelight (Australia)

sending you blessed angel light and eternal spiritual happiness~<3


Alejandra (Australia)

all i can say is thank you i love this site so beautiful and relaxing


Veronica (Australia)

very true reading


Alma (USA)

Thanks for a beautiful reading, I really appreciate it. It is all very true. ;) <3 much love


Karen Dean (Australia)

Mary, your cards are beautiful. Your website is amazing thank you for all that you do & the joy you bring


Lotte Blynel

Thank you so very much for your wonderful help. Your reading make perfektly sense too me, and I needed something like this to move on. Thanks again <3 Lotte


Ann Walker (England)

I have just recently discovered your site and I love it I keep coming back again and again thank you for your inspirational cards


Cyndi (USA)

beautiful site, i love encouragement when things get rough i come on here just hope and pray my wishes come true


Brenda (USA)

I am blessed to have found your site on FB in so many ways! GOD IS GOOD and HIS angels are so wonderful! Thank you for ALL that you have done and continue to do. Blessings shall always come to you. LOVE and LIGHT always...:)


Fiona Dickinson (Scotland)

I love the whole website & find it very calming, optimistic & uplifting. I visit often.


Ger (Eire)

This is the most uplifting site, I use it every day and it helps to keep the positivity in hard times.



Thank you for making this made with love for love...I do hope that we shall all meet soon living in a dimension of loving light harmony unity...Home


Andy Hobby (England)

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for my angel card reading! Spot on with Everything,thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you again so much xx


Wayne Smith (Canada)

MARY JAC I adore you and your beautiful website.I visit it continually.



i always believe in angels and have become closer since 2010. i love this site and each card that i may choose depending on the question asked, is always the right one. i feel so blessed and so special.thank you,thank you,thank you...


Pam Welsh (England)

truly awesome site it has given me so much comfort at at time when my health is in turmoil and making me scared thank you for such a wonderful site x


Elizabeth Ann Day (England)

I am a true believer in Angels, have Willow Angels in the house, I am new to your sight and will be a very frequent visitor,xx Big hugs Michelle


Michelle Bennett (England)

Hello Mary Jac I just want to say how much I love your website, thank you so very much allowing us to share in the beauty of your website. I absolutely love your updates on facebook and again your website. Thank you and hope you have a great evening. Big hugs Michelle


Eileen (Wales)

beautiful site, thanks


Mary Barrett (Eire)

Thankyou for such an insightful reading and also a comforting reading. I was truly happy with the contents. Mary


Alison Griffiths (Wales)

Im loving the christmas page MJ its


Wayne Smith (Canada)

this site is so beautiful. MARY JAC is a beautiful ANGEL herself.



Dear Mary Jac, It is a beautiful site and I visited make a wish part since a month and magically my wish come true (I have a new job). I am so gratefull to meet your site and with Angels world. Thank you so much.


Tina (Australia)

this is the most beautiful' spiritual, and relaxing site. I suggest it too all my friends. thank you.


Margaret Miller (Scotland)

i really love your site its so good i keep coming back,there,s a lot of interest for me in this site, not had a reading yet but hope i will soon, thanks


Bridget (Australia)

Hi Mary Jac, thankyou so much fpr my Angel reading it was so wonderful i could feel my Angels with me and i feel so grateful that i am being guided in the right direction in my life it was really spot on and your site is beautiful xx


Yvonne (UK - Scotland)

absolutely beautiful, a pleasure, so soothingx


Jean Cunningham (UK - Scotland)

What a beautiful site so many beautful angel images and lots to read and free angel card readings... You should be very proud of your site it is beautiful inspirational also...Love light and blessings X


Thelma Suchecki (UK - England)

Thank you so much for your reading. What you wrote meant a lot to me. My angels help to give me some peace thank you.


Margaret Allen (UK -Northern Ireland)

Love your page xxx


Michelle Abbot (Eire)

Hi Mary, Thank you for the Angel reading. It meant so much to me as I am worrying a great deal at the moment about my situation. It has given me comfort. Take care, Michelle


Katrina (UK - Scotland)

I just recieved my love and relationships reading, and it was wonderful! T he cards drawn seemed to resonate with me completely, and - as tends to happen - backed up what I had already been getting told. Thank you Gem, that was a wonderful reading! I shall be recommending you to friends and family xxx


Heather (UK - Scotland)

This site is so beautiful and tranquil and is a place to come to when things become intense and difficult and to just relax and chill out. I thank you Mary Jac for your creation. God Bless xx


Gail Brown (UK - England)

Thankyou so much for my reading. you certainly hit all the right notes. I have been having difficulty with practising reiki and I knew I needed help. Now I know that the beloved angel realm are healing me and guiding me to better practice. All the reading was so accurate. Many thanks to you mary jac. love gail.



thank you


Janet Goodwin (UK - England)

Always look forward 2 selecting a card. They are an inspiration! Thank you.x


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hiya Lucy - and anyone else who would like to join me on facebook - you'll find the facebook link on the menu at the top of the page here. I hope to see you there, Mary Jac xx


Lucy (NewZealand)

Kia Ora Mary Sorry it's been awhile...I been hopeing you'd do a page on face book...Hope all is good with you and family...Have a wonderful evening god bless.


Annick (Belgium)

komt alles goed


Marie (USA)

Very beautiful and lovely music. Thank you



what an amazing site that i have found truly beautiful thank you


Wayne Smith (Canada)

MARY JAC ,your site is so beautiful,and I think you are a divine ANGEL yourself.



hello (: im just here to see my angel cards and have them read thanks


Judy (USA)

Beautiful site ! One of the most beautiful I've seen thanks & howdy from Texas


Michelle Alderete (USA)

I just love all of you sites soo much!! They are full of interesting information, beautiful galleries, lovely Fairies, gorgeous Angels, precious Unicorns, and gentle Tranquil Waters!! I could jump from site to sister site all night!! Your site brings me peace and sets my mind at ease! Thank you for creating such beauty and sharing it with the world!! Much Love and Light


Beverley (UK - England)

I love to visit this site especially when I am feeling low, I pick an Angel card and it gives me hope! Thank you - God bless xxxx


Cristina (Australia)

I chose an Angel Healing card, after having asked what it is I need to do to stop being so materialistic, and thinking of things that are unhealthy, for me, my life and hold me back! - the card I received was, to perhaps try to take up a new interest in something, enjoyable of course, funnily enough, I had thought about trying to do something new a minute before asking! - isn't that funny! if that's the answer, I truely hope to do something about this lovely advice (and not let it go to waste). This is just a beautiful website to visit, thank you.


Ruth (UK _ England)

I love this site - it offers so much that I find myself back here regularly and it never fails to offer some comfort, inspiration and insight!! Wonderful! Thank you so much xxx


Keazzi (UK _ England)

Mary Jac, I love this site, it is so refreshing and soothing, I feel so peaceful browsing around and bonding with the messages, my Angel's know me so well I have not found any other site too compare to this one it's beautiful xx


Keazzi (UK _ England)

I received my cards on Saturday. After blessing them and asking for guidance with accurate reading, I did myself a reading and it was accurate. I immediately bonded with them, there are so beautiful I recommend them to everyone who beleives, they are a gift to myself. One love and Angels' blessing Mary


Joe (USA)

I can feel a natural calmness and loving feeling from this wesite. Very peaceful site. Joe


Cristina (UK - England)

I would like to say a big thank you for creating such a lovely site to connect and communicate so beautifully with the angels, since my previous visit, I felt much better within myself, and began to feel that trying to do good things is what's really important in life, and striving to be happy, content and well, having someone to talk to to be kind to and kind to oneself xxxx


shyamulee nag

I just had my computer installed &in the process of learning.Believe me the word ANGEL just popped out& I was curious so I just started typing& lo! behold the world of ANGELS started opening up to me.I have no words to express my joy &the BLESSINGS I have received from the ANGELS. Truly they have changed my life.!!!!!!!


Ramiro (USA)

Thank you so much for the reading it really helped.


David (UK - England)

this card was correct for me .going through heartbreak.


Ala (Canada)

I love your angel site. It is so spiritual and beutiful. I enjoy the music which helps me to relax. Your angels are magnificent and colorful.


Soniya (UK - England)

I love this site, its so calming and beautiful.. I always come and visit the site when im looking for answers in my life and i always come away smiling.. I think this is the best site i have ever been on.. Lots of love xx



health,freinds to trust,about my parents and in lows and same general thank u


Barbara (UK - England)

both sites are beautiful & fantastic, keep up the great work you are doing.


Teresa Horsburgh (Chubb) (UK - Scotland)

thankyou so much for my reading, it made perfect sense to me and each aspect all linked to the same situation I have been 'dwelling' on. I am very much ready to put the issue behind me and trust that mistakes happen and I think lessons have been learnt from it this time, though a very hard way to learn. Thankyou again xxxx


Claire T (UK - England)

Thank you for your reading it has filled me with great positivity and having just re-read my reading, the problem i have shared earlier today with some fellows i feel a new belief in succeeding with this issue ... It will take many months although i feel ready for the challenge :)


Linda (Eire)

I love your web site, sometime I just open the page (I have it bookmarked) and look at the stars twinkling. I must try and vist once a day from now on. I find your card a day and free card reading inspiring. I always get a sense of calm when I visit. Thank you for running this site.


Skye (UK - England)

Mary this site is amazing I came across it supposedly by random chance, although I have been invoking me angels to help me!! You have put so much love into this site & it really shows. Thank you & super well done. Love & abundant blessings to you & yours xx


Alison (UK - Wales)

Beautiful and magical site, I enjoy everything about it, it has comforted me and give me inspiration, always a pleasure to visit <3 <3 Angel Hugs


Tina (UK - England)

I really love this angel site x I can get answers to many questions its amazing, a great comfort, peaceful and above all everybody can use it. A truly giving place. Thankyou so much for creating something so wonderful xxx


Martina (UK - Northern Ireland)

I just think this site is so amazing, and it is full of gentleness and love. Its magical :) Thank you so much for Mary Jac for everything you have done on here for everyone who uses this site. God bless and angel hugs :)


Meeti Batra

tooooooooooooo gud a sight. GOD BLESS


Sunny (Australia)

hi! I love this site, it's beautiful and perfect for me! Could you make a page about mermaids?



I chose two angel message cards and both are very apt for me. The first case i chose was "dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it" or something along those lines. The second case i chose was "replace all negative thoughts with positive ones. You will feel so much better". Both there cards are very appropriate for the space i currently find myself in. Thank you.


Visions (USA)

I love your website. Love the unicorn name generator. I am so inspired.


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Apologies to all of you who may have sent comments to the website between 26 March and today. A large chunk of mail went missing so I am unable to sort through the comments and post them. So sorry to all of you who have taken the trouble to send them - I hope you will be able to send them again, Mary Jac xx


Ger Cunningham (Eire)

It is a most uplifting site, it gives one hope in this time of upheaval, it is very relaxing and positive.


Lisa (Canada)

I love visiting your site. It always makes me smile even when I feel that I can't. I could spend my whole day on here just reading & I really love the tranquil waters. :)


Baby Sari

Amazed by those loving beings, when i read an Angel's guidance for today. That said TIME TO LET GO. YOUR ANGELS WILL HELP YOU. At 1st, i don't know what it means. But few minutes later i know what this is all about. I tried to contact some of angels and archangels by meditating. But when i don't, they contact me to remind me that they are always there for me.


Luna Blue (UK - England

I have always believed in angels and recently I have been turning to them more for guidance. Every time I asked a question, the answer was very relevant for me. Thank you very much! Great site xx


Mona Campbell

Thank you and the angels for the message


Jeanette (UK - England)

What a truly inspiring site. It was exactly what I needed at this particular time. Love,Light and Peace. Jx


Baby Sari

What an amazing site. I love this site..! My angel has given me the guidance to pick the right card. They really know how i am. They know me better than my mom..I love you, Mary Jac. You must be an angel that represents all angels who try to show people that the angels really do exists.. Mwwaah


Kaz (Australia)

A beautiful site very impressive i love it, :O)


Geoff (Canada)

A great blessing to have stumbled upon your site. Great looking site, keep up the good work.


Baby Sari

Dear Mary Jac, Hi..I am Baby from Indonesia, South East Asia. The 1st time i visit your website, part of my self doesn't believe since my religion doesn't tell that there are angels with that kind of name. I am a moslem, although i am lack of knowledge about my religion, especially about angels in Islam. The reason why the other part of my self believe since after communicating with an astrologer, Jenna who said that we all have guardian angel and protected by minor angels. I just ask my guardian angel to pick one of angel's healing card. And he/she picked the right card which suited with my condition right now, when i write you this comment.


Diane Taylor (UK - Scotland)

Thankyou for the angel guidance. It was exactly what I was needing and very helpful. I feel more connected and in tune in order to deal with problems I have infront of me and I know that angel guidance is at hand. Thankyou again Diane


suzanne (UK - England)

Thank you very much for my recent Angel card reading. It resonated a great deal with me at the moment, especially about putting myself first for once! (not something I am very good at!) The turning the corner card is spot on, and I am so glad it came up! The reading was so beautifully laid out and so easy to read. Thank you so much again :) xx


julie-ann holroyd (UK - England)

i have beleived in angels for many years and through a very difficult time recently they have got me through. i am looking into reasding cards etc in more depth as i feel it is a calling, so i looked up the subject on the internet. i have just had as free card reading and it was so true, and again has confirmed angels are all around me. what a lovelu feeling i had when i was browsing you site. thank you and sending you lots of angel love xxxx


d. o'hoolihan (UK - Scotland)

thank you so much for this website. it has been a pleasure to read. I would love more information as to where I can find a unicorn.


Patricia Hyland Twamley Doyle (Eire)

Beautiful site,very inspiring.I've recommended it to friends.:)xx


Margo (USA)

This is probably one of the most unbelievably beautiful, informative and delightful websites I have seen to date. It's lovely that you enjoy sharing your talents with the masses. Keep up the fabulous work! :)


Leigh (Australia)

I am so grateful to you for this site it is fabulous, and so comforting, congratulations, love and light for a great global shoulder xoxo


Sulla (Norway)

You must be an angel....-Thank you! ;) Love and light from Norway.


Jo (UK - England)

a pocketful of angels reading - really lovely and would recommend thank you Mary Jac xxx


Mags Devlin (Eire)

i often refer to your pages to get some guidance and relax and i absolutely love them and i want to take this oppertunity to thank you for giving us this .. the pages are amazing and my readings are always accurate , i have a great love of the angels and your pages always help me feel calm and relax as im in a very difficult time in my life at the minute , keep up the good work and god bless x


Janet (UK - England)

Very accurate and very meaningful. Have had a recent reading with someone else and was surprised how similar both readings were..thank you angels for your guidance


Christine (USA)

I was taken aback by the angel reading I recieved today. One of the main reasons being that I chose several of those cards for myself this very morning! That clearly reinforced the reading I received via email today. It also gave me even more confidence in knowing and believing that the angels are truly near at all times and are truly helping me. I send the angels much gratitude and I truly appreciate their assistance.


Lisa Haggans (Eire)

Stunning .. What a beautiful place to go to if you have a little time to spare . And you end up leaving it feeling Energised , at Peace and a Lovely Place to meet like minded Friends to share our Love for Angels . In Love and Light


Shirley (England)

I visit your site as much as i can every week, i think its calming and soothing very peaceful, some of the art work brings tears to my eyes. keep up the good work


Jasmin (Spain)

Dear Mary Jac,Thank you again for a wonderful reading. As always spot on. Love, Jasmin xx


Margarete Cäcilia Köster (Canada)

Dear Mary Jac, thank you so much. The reading shows exactly the situation I feel so embraced and Archangel Sandalphon. The last weeks, I daily invite him into my life. I want to go back to my music - and start again playing piano after a break of 20 years. And playing the piano was my absolutely favorite leisure time activity. But I need advice. So AArchangel Sandalphon will bring a good teacher into my life! I trust! I always trust the angels and I was never disappointed - but often suprised. Love, light and blessings to you. Margarete


Katrina (UK - Scotland)

My Angel Card Reading was beautiful! Very sweet and with good advice on how to connect with your angels (at the end of the reading). I found the fact that the Archangel Metatron is with me was amazing, as I've been getting a lot of gut feelings and little signs that this is the case lately! A wonderful reading! Thank you very much Mary-Jac Katrina xxx


Kerry (New Zealand)

Thank you for a beautiful website.


christine Mclean (UK - England)

Dear Mary Jac, I have never had such a loving reading which did resonate with me very much. I would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you much love. Love, ChristineXXX


Julie Maree Holmes (Australia)

Thank-you so much for my reading! It was so accurate a little bit too much if you know what I mean! You are such a blessing, thanks again.


Mike (UK - England)

This a lovely site. Thank you. :)


Electra (USA)

Every time I visit your site I discover something new and wonderful! Such a beautiful concept of teaching people their goddess and fairy names! I'm inspired to create the "right" kind of door in my garden for my fairy friends to have a party. Thank-You for sharing your light! xo


Debbie (UK - England)

This site is absolutely beautiful. It eminates peace and love and all that our beloved Angels are. I so love this site. Thank you.


Annie (UK - England)

A beautiful angel site thank you for spreading the word. Sending love and light to all .xxx


Mary Jac (UK - England)

I'd just like to say thank-you for all the comments, and in answer to some of the queries:
Liz - Yes, I do readings for people from the USA - I read regularly for people all over the world - our Angels think nothing of distance :).
At today's exchange rates, it works out at $16.20 for a reading (though the exchange rate can fluctuate on a daily basis).
Carmen - For anyone who cannot afford a personal Reading, or perhaps just prefers not to pay, there are 4 lots of free Angel Cards on this site, you will find them all by going through the menu above. I understand that they do help a lot of people connect with their Angels, and I hope they help you, too.
Mark - you enquired about a search facility - there is a Google Search box on the home page here.
I hope that information is helpful, take care everyone and have a wonderful month,
MJ xx


Alison Carson (UK - Northern Ireland)

omgosh,my reading was all about taking time out for myself, looking after myself as i have been overdoing it lately. well my mum is just out of hospitial and i have been up there every day for 3 weeks,so things have been pretty spot on is my reading xx


carmen sparacino (USA)

How does someone like myself get touch with their own angels, I don't have money for a reading, but I most very desperate to get direction from the angels



I have only recently come across this site and now visit it on a regular basis. The only problem that I have encountered is that when I choose the Card of the Day, it is always a day behind. I live in Botswana, Southern Africa.


Mark Slater (UK- England)

Nice site, some really nice images that'll just make our christmas section that little bit special. PS can you add a search, I'm looking for a Christmas Pudding Animated GIF


Devika Devereux (UK- England)

Beautiful reading ! thankyou very much :)


Francess (Canada)

what a peacefull and safe site to visit. It is a lovely site to go to before bed. Thank you for all the work that goes into this. Frances, Annie, Moose, Sophie. The last three names are my animals. They become so calm listening to the music. All of us just love listening to music and meditation podcasts. We all just lie down and the dogs and cats just seem so blissfull. We all fall asleep with the computer on. thanks again.


Liz (USA)

Hi Mary,love ur site! Do u do readings for people in the States? If so,how much in American dollars? I do hope u can! Thank You,have a Blessed day.


Shirley (UK England)

I found this site about a year ago I love popping in as much as possible it comforts me, the art work is just out of this world I have never seen such wonderful picture, some of them realy do touch me.I enjoy everything about your site please keep up the good work i'm sure many more people think the same that visit. Love and Light to all who takes part.xx


Cristina (UK England)

The Angels are very loving and knowing, and I wish I could really appreciate their messages to me, Angels are beautiful and true beings that always care and have time for people, I wish I could truely BELIEVE, Angels - I believe my doggie Georgie is good, I wish I was, and really want to do good, today's message, to take time to heal myself, is lovely and very loving, thank you, God Bless, love Crissie


Debra Jean Garza

*Mary~ May I Congratulate U on the BEST site I have ever come across online~ I am filled with much Admiration with all U have here,Simply Breathtaking every page just makes me Smile :) The Music the pictures and the messages are so well recieved, I make U a part of My Everyday :) Bless U Dear Lady and Thank U so very much. BiGG HuGGs Sent DJ


Roopa Nair

I had a free angel card reading on love and relationship issues. The answer I recieved was unbelievable. I truly believe that angelic presence was near me when i did the reading.


Kathleen Mahon (Eire)

I just love your site especially your daily Angel readings as I can get messages anytime I want especially when I need information This is a beautiful site Thank you



Absolutely love this website, especially the angel card readings! The personal angel card reading was spot on & had put my mind at ease :) Thank you Mary Jac for the readings & sharing of this magical site! God bless you dear ~xoxo


Lisa Owens (USA)

Mary Jac's Angel Card Readings are a real angel blessing. They sparkle with such love and peace and help you to surrender into a higher perspective of what the angels want you to remember. She treats the client and reading with such gentleness and compassion. You can tell that she speaks the language of the angelic ones and makes sure you can hear what they want to tell you.


Marie (Eire)

love every thing about angel cards site brings me some comfort knowing i can go to it anytime thank you


Andy (UK - England)

This site is a true blessing, and a sanctuary for all who believe in angels and angelworker myself, l am touched by the pictures and words here and may all who visit be blessed with angel love and light :-)



I visited your Christmas site and must's too beautiful to be true!!





Sally (UK - England)

Just to say I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this site. It is so beautiful and I love all the Angel messages and uplifting sayings. This is my absolute favourite site on the whole of the internet. Thank you so much for creating it. You have beautiful hearts and souls. May God bless and protect you all always. Lots of love XXX...


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Montana - the answer to your question is yes - I believe I have seen Angels - at least twice. I haven't been lucky enough to see a fairy, though. I wonder if you have? xx


Montana - aged 10 (Australia)

Hi Mary Jac this is a great website you have but thers one thing I want to ask you. Have you seen a fairy or angel?


lynsey (UK - Scotland)

love your site. found you on bebo about a year ago. use the angel cards a lot. l feel they help. l hav asked the angels for their help a lot now and really feel them there. thanks for the site..xxxx


Angela Rouse (UK - England)

Hi Mary Jac, Thank you ever so much for the Love and Relationship reading,it was very true for me right now! Archangel Raphael is one of my favourite Archaangels and i will do the affirmations. It has helped me alot and i feel so blessed. Your websites are amazing and so beautiful. i am really glad i found them,i think the Angels were guiding me here! I would like to buy your Angel cards when they are available. Thank you once again for the wonderful reading. Blessings Love and Light Angela Rouse xx <3


Lori (USA)

I look forward to your words every morning to start my day!!


Paula (Eire)

i think this is the most magical site,inspired by a most magical person,.. the fairies are at they,re most playful,.. the angels guide u in to pick the appropriate card of the day!.. it is wonderful,.. so yes i call this a very mystical and magical site, wonderful with wonderful energies,... it is like taking a meditation away from daily stress,.. many blessing,s bestowed upon u and much appreciation for i know u r magical too xxx light n love x


Ronald Gates (USA)

I love this site.I try to come daily for my Angel card message and affirmation.I also love the sister site Tranquil waters. Angel all around us everywhere we go.I Thank my Angels for there guidance and protection.I thank you for creating this site. Namaste.


Jorn Vinther (Denmark)

Thank for the reading you have made for me. It feels very true, to me. I will let it ponder and use those suggestions which feel right for me. Blessings+ have a great day Jorn Vinther


Phil (Eire)

just want to say i luv the angels and people shud pray 2 dem


Jean Berry (UK - Scotland)

I used the section find 'Your Guardian Angel' and boy does this work. I got the name Ariel coming through and when I read what Ariel represents ,She represents exactly the help and the path I am taking at the moment. I hope this makes sense


Pia Scheffers

The two angel meditations are really powerfull, especially when you use headphones. Thanks!


tracey o brien (Eire)

I thought dat was very gud readin an da start is probably ture as i suffer from panic attacks 4 yrs.Thank u very much take care tracey. xxx


Pia Scheffers

The reading was very clear to me. It was beautiful and inspiring. Thanks a lot!


Courtney Belyea (Canada)

I just want to say I really love this site... it is inspiring with great artwork. Blessed are those who remind us of the dreams of our soul.
Blessed be, & keep up the good work!


mandy (UK - Scotland)

lovely site gorgeous illustrations x


sonya lee costin (Australia)

i love this site


emily serena (UK - England)

i love this site!!! xx


monika milka (Australia)

Angels are so important in our lives...especially when they hold our hands...<3


Becky (UK - England)

This is a really nice site. I come here most days for the free angel card and have had a reading which (mostly) made a lot of sense.


Madonna Machado (USA)



mark (UK - England)

thankyou for your personal reading, best wishes always.


christine (Canada)

what a special site. I love the calming effect it has on me.I have a question. My parents died 13 years ago and i have never dreamed about them. I would love to get a sign that they are ok.I loved them dearly and I know they loved me.Mabe Im just missing the signs Any sugestions would be appreciated. thanks.



Absolutely beautiful, from the artwork of the messages.I have started using it daily and it really helps me to feel positive about the day ahead. Thanks


Gail Brown (UK - England)

Thank you Mary Jac for my reading, All I can say is everything you said is so accurate in every detail.One day I hope to open a more one to one communication with all angels of the realm, all in divine time, and believe and trust. love and light to you Mary Jac , Gail


ann (UK - England)

Thank you for a beautifull site I sent it on to facebook xx


frances rooney ryan (Eire)

hi all just like to say thank you for the lovley feeling of love and contemptment i get every time i visit this beautiful site love and beautiful healing light to all may all your angels hear all your prayers xxxx



i beleive in angels and my guardian angel mary i requested a wish as i was in a woory situation my wish came true couple days later feel relaxed now thank you for this site xx


stephanie (Eire)

i think this is a beautiful and very intersting site actually got my own set of fariy cards and i love them but would love to find out how to learn a lot more about angels and farie readings xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


tina (UK - England)

Hi, i found this site through facebook and i want to say thanks for sharing such a lovely site... i will be regesting a reading as soon as i sort some pennies out...tina x


elizabeth emans (UK - Scotland)

dear mary i think your sites are great it would be great if the angels can visit my sister mary i would love to see her walk again she had 2 below the knee amputations she needs all the help she can get i love her so much it breaks my heart to see her struggle please angels if you hear her cryes please help her thanks mary glad your here


Siobhan (Eire)

Hi Mary Thanks so much for my Angel Love card reading, you said July is important for me & Raphael is around me which I know to be true, because July has been tough for me and I have been asking Raphael to help me. It so comforting to know that and delightful. Many Blessings xxx


Sharleen (UK - Northern Ireland)

hi mary my wish for today is that my sister mary can get out n about again she is still strugelin as she has two below the knee amputations i pray that her angels can be all around her i dont know what i would do without her her sister betty


Sharleen (UK - Northern Ireland)

Absolutely beautiful, from the artwork to the messages. A true inspiration. I will be back frequently!


Suzie (UK - England)

Absolutely gorgeous site you have created! I love it and will use it daily. Have also passed the word on to other Angel believers! Any possibility of Angel e-cards to send?


Robyn Hall (Australia)

Thankyou for your prompt reply for my Angel card reading,I couldnt believe how I was reading exactly how I am,Reading this empowered myself, made me feel that it is ok to be me, the way I think and how I am, will be talking to the Angels, Regards Robyn


melissa cooper (UK - England)

I love this site... i love angel card readings :)


Geraldine (Northern Ireland)

Hi mary your site is so wonderful, and beautiful. I feel so much peace and relaxed when i visit. Thankyou so much for all the hard work that u have put into this site. Angel Blessing sent to u x



i love angels! And i love my own cards! If any one knows where i can get my own please say!


Charmaine (UK - England)

Your site is fantastic! I have started using it daily and it really helps me to feel positive about the day ahead. Thank you for offering this free service!


Geraldine (Eire)

I just love this site


Maria (Australia)

Dear Mary, My precious husband passed away three months ago, aged 42 and I miss him so much. I wanted to thank you for the comfort and hope I have found in your website during a really difficult time in my life. Kind regards, Maria


Sally Jones (UK - England)

Mary I have received my Angel Reading today & just want to say Thank You. The messages seem very relevant to this stage of my life. When I opened my Angel Gift, after a few seconds, tears flowed as if releasing all my past traumas and at the same time filling me with so much love.


Lily (USA)

My friends and I believe in fairies and we love this site!!! We love the name generators!! They are sooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):):):):):):)


Lee Ann (USA)

All the pages are beautiful!! My favorite song is the Last Unicorn and I even have a shirt with the saying from that Movie. I only wear it on special occasions as I do not want to wear it out. To believe in Angels, faeries, and Unicorns is to see the otherside and all that it entails. So, Thank you for sharing these most awesome pages.


victoria chorlton (UK - England)

loves the site find it so relaxing and calming also thank you once again :)


Mary T (USA)

Mary Jac - Thank you. This reading was right on target. I needed to hear everything the angels had to say. In fact, immediately prior to my sitting down at the computer, I had begun feeling really down about the experience I had just gone through and how I suddenly found myself now heading into a different direction than I originally thought I would be heading in. I had asked for a message from Spirit and there it was on the computer. Divine timing is amazing! I had been feeling really depressed about this situation and angry! The message made perfect sense and I know there is a silver lining in this cloud! I now know that I will get to the destination and outcome that I want but it will just come about through a different route. I will have that faith. Thank you ever so much.


Margaret (UK - Scotland)

Thank you for giving me a calm and more peaceful existence. I find that you are helping me become a better person.


frances rooney ryan (Eire)

i would just like to thank you again for this lovely site it is just so uplifting and so good love and healing light too all


Anayay (Australia)

Blessings and LOVE to all!


Barbara (UK - Scotland)

Thank you so much for a lovely reading, it has made me feel good again.Thank you for taking the time to do for me. Babs xxx


frances rooney ryan (Eire)

i love this site and so glad i found it thank you may the angels of love and light be with you all


charlene (Canada)

I LOVE thissite what and uplifting song and all the beautiful colorful pictures... THANKYOU I BELIEVE Charlene Ross


Gurj (UK - England)

Hi Mary just want to say thankyou very much for the reading, it has helped a great deal xxx


Vanessa (Eire)

Hi all, Just commenting in relation to your Unicorn Page here.... I took part in a spiritual painting workshop a few days ago. We firstly meditated to envelop ourselves with colours and with our spirit guide. After this we were shown to our canvas and paints. We were told not to withhold the spontaneous want to pick up a particular brush or colour. Just to let it all go. After I was finished I let my painting dry. I found angels, a angel lady holding a child, numerous flowers, eyes, triangles, multiple coloured fish etc. I mentioned the angel carrying a child, at a distance the angel holding a child looks like a Unicorn. I am seriously excited about this. I will post a picture of my painting on facebook shortly to show what I mean. Love, Light and Blessings to all. xx


Aine May Lavery - Mc Keown (UK - Northern Ireland)

My daughter and I read through your site and loved it. We will be changing our garden so the faries can enjoy it. Thank you for the tips and the beautiful quotes it was enchanting


paula coughlan (Eire)

hi Mary,..i just got ur angel message,..very interesting indeed!..thank you so much,..i am already very attuned to the angel.s and needed just a little boost of clarification, on one or two topic,s..yes i do know what the angels are try n to communicate with me its alway,s very gentle..nothing is forced and ,we have free will,..blessing,s Mary a very nice gentle reading as the angels are spot on , i am very sensitive, and have a lot to put up with in life with regards to relationship x lol Mary paula coughlan.


Anne Khan (UK - England)

Hi Mary . . . many thanks for my Angel Reading of the 25th May. What a lovely reading with its hope and encouragement of better things. At the moment the number 8 has no significance but perhaps it relates to the "Making a difference" or maybe its the number of a property i might find to move to, i am looking for one at the moment . . . I love your whole site, the "Tranquil Waters" is especially nice and i enjoy going to this also the "Pick an Angel Card" for the day . . . Hope all is good, happy and well for you . . Love~Peace~Light for you with lotsa love & hugs . . Anne x x


Elaine (Eire)

thank you for your reading. it really was good to read and so positive. :)


tina (UK - England)

I have had a quick look around and i truely love your site thank you... i will be back to look properly when i have more time...x


Vibeke (UK - England)

Thank you for your readings. You have helped me so much already :)


Sharyn Campbell (Australia)

A very informative and eerily spot on reading. The outcome is almost 100% on my own personal reading. I read the cards both Angels and Fairies. I have all the Charkra Crystals and many other things. Thank you so much for a confirmation on what I have seen for myself. It is truly wonderful. I love the Angels & The Fairies. Enjoy your day - Sharyn


Ellie (UK - England)

What a beautiful site this is. X


cfwd (Canada)

thank-you for this very positive site. my 21 year old son is very troubled and angry; i ask for advice and some peace from from the angels and they really do help me. my heart becomes calm and forgiving after go to your site. thankyou so much.i believe in angels.


Ailini (New Zealand)

Is beautiful


Linda (UK - England)

This is clearly a inspiring site well done to you giving other all over the world comfort . thank you very much linda


Mary Jac (UK - England)

I'd just like to say thank-you to everyone for all the comments, and if anyone else who may be reading this is wondering about the personal Animal Spirit Guide Readings mentioned below, or the Free Animal Spirit Guide oracle cards, they are on my sister site, and you will find them here:
Tranquil Waters - Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides


Genn (France)

Wow, thank you Mary Jac, your animal spirit guide reading was right on! How wonderful to realize how inter-connected we are. Thank you for the beautuful and encouraging words that so resonated with my heart and soul. I am deeply indebted!


Jane Upton (UK - England)

I have recently had the greatest honour of having a unicorn named Camaran visit me as a spirit guide. He is so peaceful and i have since been guided to your site, which is the most uplifting and light site ive seen. Thankyou so much for all the information and hope you give. I have done a sketch and will colour it then try to send to you. Thankyou, Jane.


Susan (USA)

I just love this site and before i had come to know it, i have a deck of angel cards and use it for myself and read them to others. It is so positive much more that tarot readings. Love and blessings to all :)


terry patridge (Eire)

i found tranquil waters on bebo about 18 months ago and fell in love with it there is so much to see and visualize on it especially the waterfalls but everything is spectacular on it... The make a wish to the angels is true to form my wish was granted, the wish was not even for me it was for my daughter so i would recommend that to everyone to use if you believe it works.. much love and appreciation always <3 <3 <3 xxx


Patricia Healey (UK - Scotland)

many thanks for finding me! the reading was uplifting and very much about my life at the moment. A great help which has given me a path to follow instead of confusion. thankyou x


Elaine (UK - England)

What an amazing site! Beautiful music, beautiful images - wonderful! The angels will be smiling down on this site. I will be visiting you regularly from now on.


Mairi Mackay (UK - Scotland)

Mary Jac, Your website is excellent! also many thanks for your Twitter updates. Knowing the angels are there for my family and myself helps everytime. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.


Stacey (USA)

This site is amazing! I am going through a rough patch in my life and it really helps me stay focused and positive and know that my angels really are with me at all times. Thank You!!


christine (Canada)

Thank you for such a beautiful site.I go to this site every night before I go to bed;it gives such a feeling of peace in my stressed life. way better than reading the toronto star newspaper.


Kelly Firth

I love your site and its definately helping me through stress from exams! You must be an angel x


Aundria Hanna (UK - Northern Ireland)

I love this website it's amazing and very tranquil and positive!


Aaron Flynn (Eire)

I love this website its my most favourite,i love my unicorn name im dessa:the roamer :)


karina (UK - England)



Deborah L (USA)

This is one of the prettiest pages I have seen via facebook.Thankyou for the beautiful music and images.


Mary Jac (UK - England)

I would just like to say to Ayra Jane - I am glad that visiting here and looking at all the Angels helps you and your Mummy xx


Irene (Eire)

I have just discovered this site and I am very impressed with it, I will be a regular visitor, i think the angels would approve, well done to all involved. wishing you lots of Love Luck &


ayra jane kent (aged 5)

i love your place alot and it is very pritty and me and my mum always think of daddy wen we cum here thankyou xxxxxxxxx love from ayra


Shirley (UK - England)

I think this Angel sight is fab, I found the sight through google and every day I visit, it helps to relax me. Ibrouse through the sight and some of the arts are so beutiful It brings tears to my eyes, Ilistern to the music which i find soothing.I would miss the sight if it ever finished. to all the people who sucessfully put thee sight together I say keep up the good work. I send Love and Light to all with best wishes x


Rhiannon (UK - Wales)

Fab site beautifull and very welcoming and very true when i picked my angel card and quote for today , have already recommend this site to my friends . well done its wonderfullx


Lorna (Eire)

Mary is so good, I have had a reading recently and it was accurate and made sense. I have had angel readings previously here in Ireland which were also accurate and done some time ago and what is happening now in my life or about to happen is what Mary saw in my cards. So if any of you out there want a reading this is the lady to come to. Love and big hugs, Lorna. x


niamh mulholland (Eire)

ever since i was little ive always been very spiritually aware. aware of all creatures magical and great. the other night I had a dream that i met a load of fairies in a hidden garden i greeted thema nd i felt right at home. it was the best dream i ever had and i was annoyed when i woke up and realised that they were gone :)


Star Foley (UK - England)

I have literally just received my reading and, while sitting at my computer at work, it brought tears to my eyes. I can’t believe how accurate and significant it is for me right now! I have been worrying about two specific things in my life and this reading brought them both up! So many thanks to you and the angels Mary. I have wanted a reading from you for so very long but due to complications i couldn't get one...until now that is. And it was def worth the wait! Much love and light to everyone. x


monique (USA)

this website is so accurate and wonderful it actually can brighten your day when your feeling low or sad. thank you so much for this wonderful day :)


Kathy (USA)

So much to do! I love it! The many many options, and the beautiful graphics are all just awesome! I can see many more days spent here with all of you, and the angels. Thank You so much for it all.


Gail Kenyon (USA)

I truly love your site! It is very beatiful and artistic. Thankyou for sharing your creation!



I have just recieve an angelcard reading. I was so nice, and it was very true to what I am going through. So thank you so much.


Sandra (Canada)

The angel cards are so beautiful and the messages are so true and very comforting. Thank You


monique (Canada)

this site is really great. but i have know idea if my wish is gonna come true, i sure hope it does. cause i LOVE him <3


matthew (UK - England)

when i went onto this site straight away aay with all the calming music on there i alomost felt asthough i was somewhere else as if all dought or worries drifted away appreciated thanks all the best


Mena T2 (New Zealand)



April (USA)

Absolutely love the new setup of the site. Beautiful images! And I find the site even easier to navigate now, it is just so inviting! Well done :)


Cameo (USA)

I really like this site, it's sort of like the book Fairy Realm ( by Emily Rodda) The poems and rhymes are really fun to read and it would be awesome if you could add more... :)



Over the last year i have really grown to love and become attached to my angels. In work, where I am constantly finding white feathers and coins. I was feeling a bit down over a situation regarding unrequited love. But Something inside me though feels that the situation will happen, i just need patience.I know its meant to be.Anyway an alcoholic homeless man, came into the shop at a particular moment when i was really losing all hope for me and the man I want to be mine so badly.he told me he had a gift for me and to put out my hand...he placed a coin onto my hand and said its an angel coin,it should bring you blessings in your life..they are always looking out for was amazing, truly touching.a gentle reminder of their neverending presence and love for us!!


louise (UK - Northern Ireland)

100% Have had few reading and have always been spot on. Thank you. I always feel so much better after every reading. xxx





lou (Eire)

thank you so much for your help xxx


marion (Eire)

What a beatiful site.The angles have granted my request for which i am truely greatful. many thanks


Madelyn (USA)

I just Love your site I can't get enough of it.God may bless you ways always. Please pray for me and my 11 grandkids. Thank you so much.


wendy (USA)

i like this page cus i feel i can fly and becasue there piece with me and i wish to now more


Dee (Spain)

What an utterly beautiful site. So many lovely Angels to see and to feel their calming presence is a great comfort to me both in sad or reflective times. It really gives my day a sense of purpose to do my daily affirmation. Thanks so much for these uplifting and heartwarming images. x


Blossom (New Zealand)

I love this page it helps me believe in something,thank you


lorraine (Australia)

Thank you so much for your beautiful website. It provides a positive environment for all of us that believe in angels, wishing and love.


Marie (Eire)

wonderful to see, just needed a pick me up for the day and this worked, thank u....


beverley (New Zealand)

Thank you for such a wonderful uplifting and happy place to come.


Belinda Gresham (USA)

love your site, it is very fun!!!


Pia Scheffers

And once second reading is very accurate. It gives an answer to many of my questions. Thanks very much!


Julie Boyd (UK - England)

I would really like to see crystal keyrings. Best wishes with your new shop xx


Cozzetta (USA)

I think that this web site is WONDERFUL. It's very beautiful and colorful. What I would like to see added is a space where a person can put in information like a birthdate or speeling of their name to find out who their guardian angels are.


jackie (Eire)

it is a very peaceful page i love it love the music, its great to be able to choose a card for some inspiration


Leanne Anderson (UK - Scotland)

Lovely website



love it


lorraine (Canada)

Thank you for such a beautiful site. My guardian angel guided me to this site. Was thinking I would like to hear duet love songs and I found this. This is really wonderful and thank you again. Comfort for me today. All was bang on. I am very grateful.


Bethany (UK - Scotland)

just browsing life really hard now looking for that special angel


Bernadette Hyde (UK - England)

Thank you. This site helps me to feel more connected spiritually to the angels and all that is good. It enables me to be a better person I think. Much love xxx


lizann (UK - Scotland)

truly wonderful site, brings peace and joy knowing that angels are always there when you think your alone.


Maryann (New Zealand)

Music is lovely and peaceful, serene. I just love the Angel Cards



I am overwhelmed and in awe of their beauty and greatful to have leant how to get help from them. It realy works.


Lynn Murray (UK - Scotland)

I thought that your page was the mose outstanding page i have ever seen. It makes you feel at ease just looking and reading other people reviews. I live alone and i have never once felt happier. I really would love to get into the spiritual world. Cause i truely believe that ther is something a lot more out there for everyone. I have had alot of problems in my las ife. But im getting there slowley but surely. I have had a second chanceof live. And i know i wouldnt be here today writting this. If it wasent for determination and my loved ones that are now looking down on me pulled me through intensive care. Your page is such a comfort to me to know that not only do i have loved ones in life. But in the after life aswell, THANKS VERY MUCH X



this site is awsome.....plz make more sites like this.......... this is my request to you dear....make sure. this site is sssooooo beautiful and peaceful. i love it!


elizabeth emans (UK -Scotland)

hi again mary love all your sites and all the angels


Amelya (UK -England)

A wonderful experience.....a truly wonderful site.....I think I have come


Liz (UK -Scotland)

What a lovely site you have x



i think the reading is accurate and i feel that the angels are talking to me.they really heard and answer me.


Ali Powers (USA)

What I am about to tell you here is the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. When in Yahoo Falls, Kentucky I did see 2 tiny Faeries ( they looked like floating little wisps, except there was a sparkling light on them) I couldn't believe it at first. As they flew gently over the river close together , they went into some small green flowery area and all I could see was there little light. I said if these are real let them come back over the river. They came thru the Greenery and started back over the river toward me and they went back into the area they had first come out of. Where I experienced this was at a very special place of old where the CHEROKEE Native Americans practiced their Medicine ETC. Much Luv to All, Ali


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hi everyone, and thanks for all the comments.
Di - thank you so much for letting me know about the error on the Love Cards page. I have sorted it now, and all should be working okay - you should have access to all the new cards now - thanks again!
I hope everyone has a lovely weekend,
Mary Jac


di (Australia)

I am unable to access the NEW free love cards though the old ones still display. A message comes up that I need to contact the owner of website. Otherwise-brilliant site.I visit every day!


Andrea (UK - England)

What a beautiful site this is. It gives me so much hope and inspiration.


Dhruti Kareliya

Hi ... May your Angel Bless You n Be with u. Its realy a very nice site . Desaiging and pictur collection of Angels Are Wonderful...I love this site ....Realy a verygud site.


patricia kinchin (UK - Wales)

the site is pretty, but prefer the blue angel on the old site, for angel guidance. i also wish you had a site for help with making a house feel good, mine is not good.


Elaine (Eire)

Your site is absolutely beautiful. Thank you, love and light always xxx


hectichairdaze (UK - England)

Once more my thanks I came beck today and clicked on more of your work thank you so much for the love the help and the sheer beauty that you show to all with what you do I loved the angel pics by the artist also.Beautiful all of it and truly lovely.


elizabeth emans (UK - Scotland)

great site lots to look at and do thanks mary i would be lost without your site xxliz


Geraldine (UK - Northern Ireland)

I had a reading and it was very accurate regarding how im feeling at this moment in time


HecticHairdaze (UK - England)

Thank you so much for the beautiful site here I came upon it when looking in groups and am writing to thank you for all the time effort and beauty that you have created here it is such a lovely place to come.


kimy (New Zealand)

HI, What a wonderful blessing to be yr friend.. an awesome site,my prayers have been answered... & as i move forward in my knew journey, towards better health & healng,& goals of a vegatarian diet,as well as to give up smoking.this beautiful energy here has given me a wonderful foundation, a foucus point, inspiraton, support, energies of love,i do belive in angels. i always have..


Sharon Hipwell (Australia)

You have enriched my life. I will come to your web page every day to read what the angels have to say. this is the most beautiful experience I have had for many many years and I will tell all my friends so they too can just relax and see the beautiful angels and fairies. Thanks you so very much


Peter Gilmore (UK - Scotland)

Hello Mary Jac how are you today? i have been on your newsletter list for sometime and nearly each day i click on the links to your lovely and wonderful angel cards you create and i just thought i'd say what an inspiration and a warm hearted readings i recieve all the time and i feel such a very strong connection with the angels and now you have impproved it further Wow mary you never stop amazing me with your website congratations on the new site i will look forward to having a very good look at it today. your angel card readings via link help me so much even then though i don't understand them at the time i think the message is there to tell me what i have to do even if am not sure what it is. many thanks for your hardwork and long may it continue big hugs Peter xXxXx


Vibeke Francis (UK - England)

Thank you for my reading :-) It was spot on with the readings I have done for myself.


letitia (UK - England)

just wanted to say what a lovely site you created.every aspect is beautiful the angel messages were so relevant. i will definatly tell my friends to visit this site.thankyou for sharing it.


margaret (Eire)

what a beautiful site


elizabeth emans (UK - Scotland)

i love all your angels have sent some prayers for my sister mary watson as she had two below the knee amputationsso i hope the angels can give here some inner strenghth i beleive the angelsare allways with her i dont know what i would do without her .brilliant site


Louise Lindley (Eire)

The pictures and details are beautifully presented and I think your site is altogether lovely.


Donis Thompso (UK - Northern Ireland)

Just found this lovely site by chance


Donis Thompso (New Zealand)

Great sight wonderful pictures !!!


Roseanne (UK - Scotland)

The most wonderful beautiful website I have come across recentley. The colours of the angel cards and art work is fabulous, such a nice loving relaxing helpfull sight. Thank you



Love is the only human feeling that gives light and warm in life


Mary (USA)

I just love your website! keep up the good work.



Thank you for beeing....and the loving and relaxing site...


Christine (UK - England)

Thankyou for my reading it was brilliant and so true to my life at the moment thankyou so much


lisa (Dublin)

really enjoyed browsing your site it is fab and so was your sister site will be back on it again by the way im fr dublin ireland thank u mary from lisa


kasia vaoga (New Zealand)

i really love your site


jean (UK - England)

Many thanks for a lovely reading. I realise what the angels are telling me and it gives me hope for the future. I look forward to having another reading in the future . jean x


arnaldo cordero (USA)

it is amazing, at first when i got the reading i could no understand the reading and then when 2 hours went by and read it again, i found out that my angels where giving me messages about FORGIVING MYSELF....i did what i was suggested to do....and dont know why but i feel better today...i know in some way my angels a reveling to myself...something strage happen in my reading i was told if i ask my angels with my heart to be helpedand i wanted a sign...i will be seeing a robin in gardin, or butterfly past by..i am in my room now have a window looking to the gardin...and where i burn my fears in a peace of paper while i was looking outside i saw a butter fly pass by...i scream of joy because that butterfly was flying where i burn the peace of paper...i been ask to be forgiven for all the things i done in past...i been asking for a sign...and i got the sign...i saw that burtterfly fly by my a rainy day...withc when is raining no butterflies go amazing i got the sign....thank you Mary j. i gotten my faith back...i know God is here and y Angels too...i am crying of joy and happiness....i had this vision....and it happen....Thank you God....thank you my angels........ arnaldo cordero san diego calif


Laura (Canada)

I love your site. The angel card reading is so positive & I feel so relaxed when I'm on your site. Thank you for giving me peace.


caroline wyse(UK - Scotland)

Thanking you so much Mary for the guidance and i will heed the advice given to me.BTW you were spot on re- my reading...Luv and Peace.......Caroline xxx


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hiya - thanks for all the comments, I do appreciate them.
In answer to Arnaldo (further down the page here) - at today's exchange rates £10 uk = $15.98 (american dollars). This, of course, varies from day to day, but not usually by too much. I hope that helps Arnaldo and anyone else who may not have been sure,
Hugs from me, Mary Jac xx


shirley mccarthy (UK - England)

I often come on to this site it's my favorite, I find it very soothing, comforting and relaxing. I believe in Angels,the art work is beutifull I love to brouse through your site, I think I would be lost now if you took it off, I have added it to my favorites,keep up the good work Love & Light


Zofia Kiskovacova (UK - England)

This site is GREAT i love it


ryan (UK - Scotland)

Love the site.


rubber chick (USA)

thnks u have a wonderful site tht made me smile , thnks bye now....


arnaldo cordero (USA)

hi great site i do believe in angels...i want to do the reading card but it only has price in uk how much it cost by u.s. dollars i am afraid to do it wand then end up[ paying hundred dollars....cna please someone let me kno whow much in dollaers american dollars, it will be so great to have it posted in u.s.a. dollars, i would like to know as soon as possible i want to have my reading but i need to know the price in dollars...thanks you arnaldo


Adriana Gonzalez (USA)

I love this website it so beautiful and peacefull. i will tell my friends about it


Pia Scheffers (Netherlands)

Thanks for the beautiful reading!!!


Electra (USA)

What an incredibly beautiful, fantastic site!! Thank-You for this lovely creation.


Sally (UK - England)

was drawn to your beautiful angel when looking for a picture for my msn site. It is a wondrous site. I could not take my eyes off of Raphael and it immediately bought to me a sense of sereneness. Thank you.xx


matthew gregory (UK - England)

oh my word what a beautiful site. what a feeling i get. thank you so much for allowing me to be here..


Suzy (USA)

it would be a great idea to have the goddess cards as a daily affirmation, or pick one as your daily card


lolly (Eire)

this is such a kewl site rly put a smile on my face thankiez mary jac^^.xxXXxx


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hiya everyone, and thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to leave a comment.
In answer to Anne -
I am always careful not to 'advertise' the Personal Readings as a free 'service' as, unfortunately, I am unable to offer Free Personal Readings.
The site takes a lot of time to maintain, up-date and add to, which I give happily and willingly to give all the users here the best experience possible and access to as many free options as possible to gain the guidance they are looking for.
It also costs a fair bit financially - but I wont bore anyone with the bills I have paid just this week for hosting and domain management. I love the sites and I think they are worth it.
I am sorry, Anne, that you have mis-interpreted anything you may have read when you have seen the site promoted, but at the end of the day, if I didn't charge for the Personal Reading requests that I receive, (and I do keep my charges as low as possible), this site would simply not be able to exist and grow like it has.
However, there are Free Angel Cards for everyone to choose from, by instinct, on both this site and my sister site, too. You can find them all by clicking on the links below.

Free Angel Message Cards
Free Angel Love Cards
Free Angel Affirmation Cards
Free Daily Angel Guidance Cards

Wishing you all a happy and peaceful weekend,
MJ xx



I dont own a credit card and do you think its right to advertise as a free angel card reading and light to you all


Tracy (UK - England)

Hi Mary This is A brilliant site, its wow!!!!!!!!!!! great to see it, well done for creating a site like this love Tracy xx


Catherine (UK - Scotland)

Many thanks for my reading it was so accurate, you are a very gifted lady,. I am just embarking on my journey with the Angels and you helped me to see things more clearly and understand better what is happening to me. Keep up the good work.x


clodagh o neill (Eire)

am looking to know about fairy lilit what her message is and what she stands for as someone told me i had fairy eyes and that I was to have lilit around me .this site is magical i love all the stars


Nicky Pollard (UK - Scotland)

I love this site, it gets better and better. I would really love to see unicorn cards that you can ask for guidance from.


Tracey (UK - England)

I watch Jesus of Nazerath and Angels in the outfield being a devoted Christian the more i find out about God and Angels the more i want to know. I dont believe dying is the end i lost my dad and Grandad to cancer. I believe that when watching these films it does give great comfort so when one in bereavement watch a film like Jesus of Nazerath it give a warm feeling as it reflect the story of the messiah and it does reach out to tht individual. bereavement does change the outlook on life but it does lift up. words of comfort love Tracy Hugs & xx


pamela (USA)

this is one of the best suits i have seen thank you


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hi everyone, and thank you for all the comments so far in 2010.
Marnie-Lynn - I felt I had to answer you as I have some idea of what you are going through. We lost our grandson, Luke, in 2003 and it is the hardest thing to watch the parents go through that. I truly believe that Luke is with the Angels now, and I hope that you will, in time, get some comfort from that thought. I also believe that loved ones that we have lost in the past take care of the little ones that we lose. I dont know if you have the organisation "CRUSE" there in the USA, but if you do, and to anyone else who maybe reading this, CRUSE has bereavement counsellors who will help you through. I had a wonderful counsellor who helped me deal with myself and my feelings after losing Luke and my hubby so close together. I hope that helps a little, Mary Jac xx


elizabeth emans (UK - Scotland)

hi mary great site love all your angel got my reading today its fantastic will have to read it more than once im very happy with it many thanks


mary (UK - Northern Ireland)

i know angels saved me from a crash on the ice the other day i believe in angels and ask for their help every day and they look out for all my family.this is a lovely site and i feel very calm now thank you x


Tracy (UK - England)

This site is WOW!!!!!!! i LOVE God more but i also love Angels and i think htey need thier profile raised in order for non believers to understand to what thier jobs really about and for the believers to get get to know and love them more and better. I believe Angels I do I do I do lots of love God and Angels blessings hugs xxxx Tracy


marnie lynn (USA)

I'm trying really hard to believe in angels. I lost my son recently I listen to " in the arms of the angel" I need an angel holding Blake in her arms , I want to believe so badly


Christine (UK- England)

I love this site. I have always believed in angels and they have given me many a white feather during my life. I will visit your site often Mary Jac I thankyou


Clare Tutin (UK- Northern Ireland)

Beautiful site,i have never seen this one before,i have looked just a few times at angel sites+this is magically in everyway.Goodluck Mary Jac love+light.


catherine (UK- Scotland)

Thankyou so much for my reading Mary, it was spot on and clarified a lot of what is going on in my life at the moment. You have given me strength and encouragement to continue on my psychic journey.You are blessed with a wonderful gift.


Ella (Eire)

I find this site by looking at Angel images. Thanks for this site, I loved it. Thanks for the cart messages it realy speak to me. It say`s that I worry 2 much. O! boy do I say more. Mwah God Bless to all for 2010 May all good be with you. Love ya all


alison (UK - England)

Thankyou for a most enchanting web site, I always go these kind of sites and this is the best so far! thankyou for all the free readings, being a person of very little money this was nice, Big thankyou


Jamie (UK - Scotland)

Found very enlghting.


hannah (Eire)

just wonderful,i love it xx


ann (UK - England)

what can I say, its wonderful, magical.just when l needed a lift and guidence i found your site. It has brought me peace and hope and a friend. Thank you, I will return many times. Bless you. X


matagi (Australia)

these pictures are beautiful


alison (UK - England)

I googled a search and came across your site I believe in angels and found this most enlightening and enjoyable fun. many thanks


Liz Millar (UK - Scotland)

I absolutely love Mary's site both Angel and Tranquil Waters. It lifts me up and makes me feel wonderful when I look on here.


Lynneda (UK - England)

Thank you for your wonderful and very relevant Angel Card Reading (delivered to me after only one day at this time of year!). How I wish I had requested it two days earlier when, in accordance with the first card you drew, I could have Tried Something New I let go because it wasn't my usual way. I am, from now on, open to the new and untried along with everything else. A lovely reading. I will be back for more when I feel this reading has served its purpose. Blessings to you, Lynneda


bobbyy Sheerin (UK - Northern Ireland)

Brill site,hope you do one for easter,st.patricks day


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer Free Personal Readings. However, there are Free Angel Cards for everyone to choose from on both this site and my sister site, too. You can find them by clicking on the links below.

Free Angel Message Cards

Free Daily Angel Guidance Cards


Sara Delgrosso (UK - Scotland)

Hi there I would just like to say I love your site, it is very soothing and I believe in angels and all things spiritual. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a free reading to begin with? Ive never had any kind of reading before and would like to know a little more about getting in touch with your angels, spirits etc. I had a very hard time last year and i believe I had some sort of awakening of my spiritual self and this has unfortunately led to my aura becoming very damaged. This has led me to seek out ways of healing and getting in touch with my spiritual self/soul. I would really appreciate any feedback/reading as I feel I am just beginning my spiritual journey and need a little guidance. Thankyou for your lovely site. Love Sara x


nancy (USA)

im so loving your gallery arts and stuffs...


Mary Jac (UK - England)

I would just like to take this chance to wish everyone a really Happy Christmas, I hope you all have a good and peaceful one. Thank you for all your comments and the support you have given to both of my websites in 2009.
Take care, big hugs from me, MJ xx
n.b:I think a batch of comments may have gone "awol" last week, I apologise to anyone whose comment has not been posted .... if there was anything important to you that has been missed, please mail me via the "contact me" link on the home page, and I will answer you as soon as I can - I dont generally answer questions on this page ...


Robin (UK - England)

Wonderful website. Many thanks for sharing it with us all. Cetainly puts me in the mood for Christmas :-)


Michelle (Canada)

Such a beautiful site, your imagination is wonderous... i trully enjoyed visiting = )


mary (Eire)

love this site,iv recently started meditation class and have seen my gaurdian angel this has been so uplifting for me,i keep getting pressure on my ears while meditating,i have been told in the past that i have the ability to hear if i work on it,how do i harness this gift?i am not sure where to start,any advice would be greatful.thanking you in advance


Jamey Somers (Canada)

I want to thank you so much for this site. Everyone these days is struggling, emotionally, financially and spiritually. Your cards help me daily to hang on and stay positive. They give me so much hope and I stay very positive accordingly. They give me direction and help bring me down into the "here and now", and for that, I thank you from the bottom my heart. Merry Christmas from Canada..Jamey xoxo





Teresa Leah (UK - Scotland)

Hello Mary Jac, This is a cracking website!!!! It feels right. Someone genuine at last, Blessings. Thank You.


faamaoina (USA)

It beautiful place visit so relaxing


Tori (Eire)

Keep all of my family and me going Thank you x.


Bev (UK - England)

There were three things I wanted to know about my life and I chose 3 cards and I got the advice and answers. Unbelievable.... I will be coming back !!!!



i like it very much everyday i m looking for advice it is helpful


Susan Hartley (Australia)

Thank you for such a beautiful Angels site. I love every aspect of it. Thank you for my Angel card reading it was very accurate.


Clare (UK - England)

I absolutely love this site. I found it by accident when I was feeling really down. I believe I was guided here. It is a beautiful calming site and has helped me a great deal. Thank you.


Glenda Stoski (Canada)

This is the most beautiful, heart warming site, I have seen. Thank you for the affirmation and angel cards...I loved my messages and I felt a warmth in my heart viewing your site. Thank you again.


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Hiya - I'd like to thank everyone for their comments, and to answer a couple of questions raised below in a general way -
Angel Cards: can be purchased from Amazon, (you will find a link for Amazon on my links page), you should also be able to purchase them from any good holistic shop, both on and off line. I would personally recommend Doreen Virtue Cards but there are many others and it should always be down to your instincts and personal choice.
Crystals: I would never keep a crystal that I felt at all uncomfortable with for any reason. Some of the black stones in particular can be very strong and may be too much for some people, although they work very well for others. Amethyst is said to be a good stone for addictions, and lepidolite also comes to mind, but I would urge anyone to have a chat with an expert at a Crystal shop when looking for a stone for a particular reason to ensure that it is right for you. I hope that helps,
MJ xx


Jennifer Arber (Australia)

The site is very beautiful and calming. I was having a bad moment and needed some guidance from the Angels. So I search on and selected with the guidance from my Angels. The Fansty Art is very beautiful. Thanks you for this beautiful and calming website.


Karen (Canada)

I just love your site. I come everyday to get an angel message.You've got some really pretty graphics here too :) Thanks!


Sherri Zimmerman (USA)

I am trying to purchase angel cards I see on your site... could you direct me to this part so I may get them for my neice.


louise christie (UK- Scotland)

hi i use and meditate with crystals for my own personal use. I would just like to ask wat u would recomend for smoking cravings? also i was carrying around some onyx and it made me awfully nervous and i eventually started shaking a lot- i clensed the stone as i do with all the crystals i use but this one just made me feel heavy-can any1 tell me why that happend or was it simply too strong for me? x thanks


mark hill (USA)

love this site my big up there in heaven with the other angles xx keep looking down on us jim god bless


Ger Cunningham (Eire)

I absolutely love this site, I look at it everyday. It is a very uplifting site in this time of recession and negativity. It really brightens my day.


patrick (UK - Wales)

just received my reading, first part of the reading was spot on, i hope that the angels will help me with the future, many thanks to mary jac for the prompt reply x


Shirley-Anne (UK - Scotland)

I would like to thank you Mary for youre wonderful reading.It reasured me to follow my Intuition amd has gave me peace of mind xxxxx


Donna Getchell (UK - Scotland)

I have found both ur websites very comforting over the passed few days...since my dear mum passed away very suddenly. Many thanx. x


Maureen (UK - Scotland)

i've been looking for a site like this as my young daughter is an angel now and it really looks so peaceful and beautiful being an angel thankyou


Diana Winny (UK - England)

Dear Mary Jac Just got your reading and I have to say that I am really thrilled with it. It was a very true and accurate reading. I have felt that I have had a strong connection with Angels for a long time and now I know that I have to be more aware of their messages. The reading was very acurate I have just been through possibly the worst time of my life and the reading offered me reassurance and hope for the future. Thank you so much xxx


alison borland (UK - Northern Ireland)

i was looking at the mythical godesses and the last one helping you with phsychic abilities, and i noticed it was for me ive been getting dai sha vou or something every week about twice and sometimes if i even sing a song in my head, it comes on the radio. i think im phsychic sometimes but my parents say its just because im becoming teenager but i think i am becoming phsychic what do you think i should do?


Donna (UK - Scotland)

Thank you for your reading. It is extremely relevant to me and I am just trying to keep faith as has been given to me as guidance. Going through a hard time and the reading is kind and thoughtful. Not like a psychic reading - i don't want to know the future.. just want to know that I can ask for guidance and receive it. I can understand what was sent in the reading and just hope that my wishes and dreams will come true. Thank you very much xxx


Jan (UK - England)

brilliant site Mary its good to see you doing something usefull with your amazing gift.


DENIS (Eire)



ronald davidson (UK - Scotland)

all of this makes a lot of sense to me to a big hearty thanks .xxx


ELINOR (UK - Scotland)



Dhruti Kareliya

the site is really very nice ..its desiging and every thing ..Angel Images are also too good .. May you angels be with you always ... :-)


Tina (UK - England)

Received my reading yesterday and it's spot on ! The special number and word instantly meant something special to me. A really powerful,moving and relevant reading Thank you so much.


rachel (USA)

would like to know about my angel


Ger Cunningham (Australia)

I think your site is a very uplifting and beautiful one. I look forward to reading my angel card and my affirmation card each day, it really brightens my day.


meeli nathan (New Zealand)

I wish I will have this ANGEL picture in my profile page!***I love you god bless you***AMAXING PICTURE READING


christine tarrier (UK - Scotland)

i would like to say thank you so much for you angel site . i do the angel cards most times i am on my bebo . and the angels have been so calming and the messages are spot on . i just love getting messages from my angels and you.r site makes it so easy for me to get them so thanks again for your angel site .one day i will get a personal reading from you .i look forword to that bye for now christine


mark (UK - England)

lovely site, and had a personal reading from mary jac, i come here to relax for a little while.........


Christine (Wales)

i would just like to say . thank you so much for a wonderfull site . i love.getting messages from my angels .it helps me feel great .i have got angel cards .and i do them from time to time .but i dont no if im doing them right .so your angel cards .are a helping hand and i believe in angels i talk to my angels every day .i when i am needing help with answers they are with me every step of the way . thank you so much for you,r lovely site .bye for now christine love and light and angel blessings to you many thanks


Kat (USA)

This was a nice reading and some applied right at the time of the reading. I am still waiting to see if one of the last cards is what I think it is, but I will see.


Kathleen Mahon (Eire)

Hi Mary Jac I just love your site and I came across it by chance I love Angels,Fairies,Unicorns anything celestial ,I am a Reiki Master and have just started to practice I love getting messages from the Angels every day so much so that I have added your site to my favourites so I can get there quicker .I have also sent you a friend invite on Bebo and I have booked an Angel reading with you Thank you for this lovely Angel site and yes I do believe in Angels Love,Light and Angel Blessings to you and yours Sincerly Kathleen


phirooza (India)



alaku (Canada)

i love angel they always looking after us & taking care of us. i am soo glad we have angel.


deb (USA)

so wounderful love and light


nuala dennehy (Eire)

what a beautiful relaxing and pleasing site.thank you for it and please keep it wishes to and light.


Pamela (UK - England)

Although simplistic the reading I received answered my questions without exception. I have visited many Physics in the past but I have never had an Angel Reading. I was first introduced to Angels several years ago when my family and I were in desperate need of help and guidance. I didnt realise that the Angels had answered my prayers despite encountering many signs left by them in the form of pure white feathers. It wasnt until much later when I was watching a daytime programme with an article on Angels and how to identify their presence through white feathers. I trust and believe in the Angels every day of my life. I thank you so much for the reading and take great comfort from the contents x


una (Eire)

i love the website i check in everyday sending love and angle blessings --


Catriona (UK - Northern Ireland)

Yr web site is fab, very good, easy to use and the pic are just lovely, sparking with angel dust.


Louise (Australia)

Great site!


Mary Jac (UK - England)

Thank you for all the comments. I would just like to leave a "note" here for Sherrie - I am thinking of you and I have placed your comment in the Angel Wishes folder in the hope that they will help you xx


kate may (UK - England)

its wonderful! thank you for my free angel card. a site like this is likea sweet shop to me. x


Loretta (USA)

Josephine, I love your artwork,It is probably the best I have seen.Love the colors,as well as the pictures.Please keep up the work.Thank you for such beautiful art. Loretta


margaret arthur (UK - Scotland)

oh i love this page so much,lots of luv xxx


anne anderson(UK - Scotland)

are all my loved ones that have passed over always with me


angie kelly (UK - Scotland)

Love this site, i use it everyday. Iv also purchased an angel card reading which im looking forward to receiving. I also have your site on bebo which is great as i can check out any changes each day. Keep up the great work, thanks


Peter Gilmore (UK - Scotland)

this website is fantastic and i love it i use it every day and it is amazing



What a beautiful angel reading you have done. You are definitely close to the angels, and quite intuitive in your card drawing! I am most grateful as I feel reinforced strength to deal with issues, and acknowledgement, which is always so helpful. Your reading was like a band-aid for my heart ;) Thank you from the depths of my soul.


Laura (USA)

A beautiful, serene, healing website. Thank you and bless you.


Sunflowerqueen (UK - England)

The site is lovely - calming and uplifting and you will never know what peace it has brought me in some really troubled, trying times [I only wish I had found it sooner]. The personal reading was also lovely - quick turn around from ordering to delivery and I have saved it to refer to when times look bleak. Mary, you are an angel and I send you many blessings and much love, Sunflowerqueen xx



merci d'avoir créer ce site , il permet aux Anges de s'exprimer Merci pour eux Pascaline


shirley mccarthy (UK - England)

I believe in Angels, I go on your site every day it's so relaxing, I have never seen such a beutiful site, the music calms me down my eyes fill with tears, please keep up the good work


jeannie (USA)

This website is the most beautiful and serene site I have yet to set my eyes on. You have done such a beautiful job, it is obvious you are connected with the grace and love of spirit. God bless you and thank you for sharing.


yvette (USA)

well i belive the angels guided me here as im seeing day to day i believe they have something in store for me anyways the angels are like mentors and readings are just part of your path...


Paula (Eire)

i think you have a beautiful site, it offers so much ,i have to say that it has given me great comfort with the lovely free messages,and i probably will request an angel reading soon when i am in need most. thank you so much love n blessings to you.


Gail (UK - England)



Blossom Hawe (New Zealand)

I am so happy to have found your page i just feel so good after seeing and reading angel messages. thank you so much


Carole (UK - England)

What a wonderful site. Thank you for bringing it to us. x


Jeannie (USA)

This is by far the most beautiful and serence websites I have come upon. Outstanding and such awe inspiring graphics. Thank you so much sharing. peace and love, Jeannie


bethany (USA)

i wound like to make a suggestion for a goddess Nyx for she is the goddess of night and is night personified


tracie (UK - England)

the strangest feeling came over me when i visited this site, i had an emense feeling of well being and calmness, and yet at the same time i found myself crying because i have not felt like this for a very long time..i had inner peace...this site is amazing...THANK YOU SO SO MUCH x


marie ward (Eire)

i really enjoyed this site ,it was really relaxing,im going tro a hard time at the moment and it was nice 2 come in 2 this site nd relaxy,il visit it more offten


analuz (USA)




i love this!


karen Allen (UK - England)

I dont quite know what it is about a feeling that comes over me when i come to this place,its a bit like being inside a quiet empty church,a wonderful warm glow, shimmers over my body and sole,i love it here,I feel an inner peace,it would be lovely if we could light a candle, thank you for being here for me GOD BLESS YOU XX xx Karen xx


Nardyne (New Zealand)

This has been a gud,angles message for leads me to the right path.


Emma (Eire)

I love this site... Its really relaxing and when your upset/hurt/sick etc its a great place to go... Just put on some music for yourself and ... =]



it is a lovely site ,it offers so much ,and i believe my angels drew me to it, its given me a lot of comfort when i need it and little thoughts for the day that keep me going,too thank you,


VICKI (New Zealand)



catherine emerton (Australia)

i like angel thay help me when i feel sad.


Addy (USA)

I find your site to bring peace to my heart after along day it sooths me Thank you ...


Sheila Kilvington (USA)

Loved my visit here,the card reading were right on,not only is it beautiful,it's fun.I will be back. Also reveiwed it on stumbleupon


Barbara Quilty (Canada)

I have never seen such beauty and elegance in a website...I am at a loss to adequately comment in a richly fashion that your work inspires. You are a blessing and I doubt that I "stumbled" upon your website by accident...your site is awe-inspiring and touches a place deep within the recesses of my soul. In fact I don't even know where these words are coming from, another awe-inspiring moment for me. Thank you and god bless! Barbara Quilty


shauna (UK - Northern Ireland)

this is the most beautiful site i've ever seen. Just reading it has made me so relaxed. Cant wait for my next reading with the angels. thanks


Vikki Conon (USA)

going through a very rough time and so far the site is helping me


liz cloughley (UK - Scotland)



patricia (UK - Wales)

hi mary, did register on other site, and say hello to someone, but also left the same comment, that i am about to make now. the site is absolutely magical, and some of the card messages are applicable to me now, really need some guidance, and hope to get some sort of new life sorted out. the other thing about it is, that it is so relaxing, when you go on different sites, so thanks so much. might send you another wish soon, it is great!!. i have a friend who bought angel cards, i have never bothered, but on radio two, bank holiday monday, johnny walker brought his wife into the studio and she uses angel cards, and asked the man from the 'pause for thought' reading, to choose one, and it was so apt, she is a firm believer in them. from that, i was at home, so i tried online, a few other sites, no interest to me, but found yours, and keep going back, it really is so pretty, and as i said relaxing. thanks again. it would appear you live in cornwall, that is my ancestry, which i have been doing, was down there just one year ago. very best wishes to you. patricia


Marion (Australia)

Thank you angels and guides for directing these messages to me. These cards have given direction and confirmation. I especially love known which angel is with me an how to have a more intimate relationship for guidance and growth. Thank you once again much love, arohatinonui kia koutou nga Rangatira o te Rangi me te whenua he mihi aroha nunui oxo


Gayle Marie Keating (UK - Northern Ireland)

wow, what a beautiful site very insightful and calming


Aroob (USA)

i totally luv this website


Lorraine Hunter (UK - Scotland)

Hi Mary,I've had two personal readings done now and they were so accurate that it reconfirms my belief that someone is looking out for me.I love your site,I use it every day and I've recommended my friends to use it to.Thank you for showing me the answers that were in front of my nose xx


lorna x (UK - Scotland)

what a lovely site,beautiful images! soo relaxing,x



i love this website i juz cant wait to add to my bebo.


jenny (UK - England)

i tried to vote on your christmas question but the lovely little Angel cursor wouldn't change to the pointer... lots love

19. 5.2009

Mary Jac (UK)

This Comments page was introduced on 19th may 2009


julie (UK - Wales)

this is a very friendly and welcoming site.i liked the idea of being able to be able to send a wish.keep up the good work.


Reondy (New Zealand)

i love your page its so lovely and its really tauch my heart


Sonia (Australia)

I love your web .


Jayde Eirinn o connor (Eire)

Brilliant... Its Very Accurate. Will Def Be Tellin Friends And Family Bout This Site xx


Lauren (UK - England)

What a beautiful site.


Carol (UK - England)

I have been using Angel cards for the past 4 years, and they have never let me down. I've been asking the Angels to send someone to help me,today the Angels have helped me again, they have sent an earth Angel God bless you Mary. xxxxxx


andrea (UK - England)

Hi there, have been visiting your site for a couple of weeks now. Am an artist and must comment on your fabulous artwork and stunning images (A very Beautiful website) for us to enjoy. Well done and Thankyou x x x x


may (UK - England)

i love this site its so facinating


sue salazar (USA)

i love ur website, it's beautiful


Mehr (USA)

I am continuously seeing a dove for several days passing me by. Looking at the dove you feel you are watching a Divine Being from up above. It just lets me see it every time it passes by my window. I feel very good whenever I see it and that makes me feel that indeed there is someone up there who is watching over me, protecting me and guiding me


Julia (UK - England)

I love your website.


jane (USA)

One day I was just cruisin' the net and came across this wonderful site,that morning wasn't one of my better mornings,but after reading some of the fairie qoutes and poems and other interesting things -my mood automatically changed for the better,so I now have a great place to go if I'm feeling down and out. Thank you-That's all I would like to say. Desta French:Destiny


Rochelle (UK - England)

What an amazing site this is, i will definitely come back. Everything is just so beautiful, its beyond words! Thankyou and god bless you.


tuiroa (New Zealand)

i love god so much....


Sarah Parker (USA)

I Just Got Divorsed And For Weeks I Couldnt Find Out How To Calm My Self Down Or Keep My Temper On A Responsible Level But When I Look At Your Pictures I Feel Like I Am Finally At Peace And I Thank You For That Truely I Do !!


barbara bradley (UK - Scotland)

brilliant site,i did the angel card reading for today ,the card i got said i would be told of a happy event today.. my son has just told me i am to bacome a gran for the first time in april how accurate is that,very impressed


Jodie leanne Mulder (Australia)

Hi.Just love ur work it's a WOW facter!!! Keep up the good work xxx.


maxine (UK - Northern Ireland)

i have spent hours browsing all the beautiful pictures, im now fascinated...


Mary Jac (UK - England)

I'd just like to thank everyone for taking the time to comment here, I'm so glad that you are all enjoying the site and that it helps people in some way .. Ranji - I have 3 sisters but none are on this site - one is an excellent artist though .... Thanks again to all of you, hugs from me xx


Trish (Eire)

I like to pop over often to read the cards it gives me a boost for the day and strenght to get thru the sad/bad times in my life at moment,, Thanks for the wonderful sites you have on here mary j totally enjoy visiting them xx


rangi-iria elizabeth maria tart (Australia)

u and your sister have some absolutly fantastic magical work i will be using all your stuff & i thank you both very much for your magic.....


Geraldine (Eire)

I found this site through bebo, I am a mother to three kids, and I lost my own Mother just over a month ago (29/06/09), I do believe in Angels and I love your site it helps me when ever I visit it....Thank You



this site is really beautiful.very impressing and loving also really impressed my angels are with me and my god also .every one is helping me. thank you


annmarie (UK - Scotland)

i think your site is great i always feel better when i have visited it i love the angel card readings your skins are fantastic you are a very talented lady


heather (UK - England)

a beautiful well done i would like to thank you for all the beautiful art work


angela (Eire)

its a lovely website and relaxing



yr website is amazing , mysterious and beautiful . i wish i cold share some of your pic . thanks for this lovily page --


Kay (Eire)

Dear Mary Jac, I love your page. It brings comfort, peace, love... I had a car accident 4 weeks ago and I know that I was saved by the Angels... They would help me with little things in life too. I have two sets of Angel cards at home. I have asked the Angels to heal my dog Zoe. I know they will help me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Jerry Diaz

To all of my family members,Thank you for everything God bless and I love you.......


michelle (UK - Scotland)

ur pages are so lovley and i belive angels are real ur crstal page gave me a lot of help thank u much love and respect michelle xxx


Laura (UK - Scotland)



Gail Condie (UK - Scotland)

The site is looking and is fantastic, you have put in so much work and effort and it is such a joy to visit. Love Gail x



I wish angels fulfill my dreams. I love this site and free angel messages. Feels like angels are near to me. Thank you.


Paul (UK - Scotland)

This site is just.......beutiful. ive been goin through lots of stress latly and this site has relaxed me a lot.


isabel (UK - Scotland)

i would like to thank you for your lovely page i enjoyed it so very much the pictures are absolutely beatiful.


mgd (New Zealand)

Dear Mary Jac Thank you for my reading. I have been using angel cards myself but being a novice sort reassurance and saw it reflected in the reading I received from you even though we are thousands of miles apart! The situations and references in my reading are on the mark and I am glad that I did this reading as it confirms that I am on the right path.


Deb (Canada)

Thank you for assisting me in my prayers. They have been answered! Not the way I thought, but in a wonderful way.


marion (Eire)

lost my son through sucicide 4 years ago n find life hard sometimes


faaitaita (New Zealand)

the angel card was exactly wot i needed to hear even though i already felt so it stil gav me reasurence of my path. i hav my own angel & unicorns & was sure they were guiding me dwn the right path now i feel thanks 4 your insite i wish u well.


Irene (Malta)

this site is cool I like to browse through it.thanks for your great website.


magdalena mary (USA)

This is a very nice site.I was hoping to see this site one of this day.finally,and it's beautyful.I luv it so much


Jane (UK- Scotland)

What a beautiful professional site well done


Danielle C (USA)

i love the old greek legends. and the gods,godesses.


Baby Briones (UK - Wales)

Simply magical and awesome!


audrey (Eire)

this is the first time i've visited your site and i have to say i will definitly be back. it is such a beautiful site, i love angels and this page is absolutely stunning. it is so tranquil and peaceful.


Acube Ngoba

I absolutely participate in this site and thanks for let me use the wishes.I hope my precious Angle read my wishes and make it come true.


Jan (USA)

I got lost with your web pages and designs. You do amazing work. I just wanted to let you know I admire your hard work, dedication, and obvious talents. May God bless you, your family and friends, and your talents. Respectfully, Jan


Anne-marie Tait (UK - Scotland)

I love this sight. So tranqil and relaxing, really pretty pictures.


Jenny (UK - England)

Thank you for an absolutely Beautiful site Mary Lots of Love and Best Wishes X X X X

11. 7.2009


I loved the healing angels page and especailly the picture of Raphael. I practice Reiki and when I was giving treatment to a man who had terminal cancer he told me that a torquise angel was cleaning out the cancer. He always saw this and was most comforted. As he got closer to his death he told me the angels changed that came to him but this angel was always there. As I saw the picture of Raphael I knew this was what he had seen

10. 7.2009

Pritz09 (UK - England)

omg i lov it lov it lov it!!!!!!! its sooooooooo beautiful, luv ur page n that wish thing xxxxx

5. 7.2009

Punipuao (Australia)

Hi i love your page nd I love this angle card they a beautiful thanks 4 let me use

4. 7.2009

Sinead (Eire)

What an truly inspiring and amazing website. Great work put into your website. It would do anyone good who takes a look into this website. Great work, keep it

3. 7.2009

Shannon (UK - England)

Helloo I Found Your Site Amazing And Calming, I Hope That you Become Succesful In Whatever You Do.

2. 7.2009

LIZ K (Spain)


30. 6.2009

Carole (USA)

Great site. You have done an excellent job

29. 6.2009

Joanne (UK - Scotland)

I have had several readings now and each one has been extremely accurate and has helped answer questions that i have had about my life and feelings at the moment. This is a great site and i look forward to getting another reading again.

29. 6.2009

Amber-Lee (Australia)

I Love The Wishing Thing And Angel Message Cards. Blessed Be XOXO

27. 6.2009

madeline (UK - Scotland)

i love your page its so peaceful thankyou x

27. 6.2009

annette (UK - England)

what a fabulous site !

23. 6.2009

Chiara Stanton (UK - England)

Absolutely beautiful, inspiring, relaxing, restful, great for meditation, a real gift! Thank you.x

22. 6.2009

lauren (UK - England)

This is the best site ever i was searching all over the internet and finally found a decent website. Thankyou

22. 6.2009

lillian (UK - Scotland)

wish i had a lucky angel

21. 6.2009

Edith Mackie (New Zealand)

Everything i have seen is absolutely inspirational and inspiring. Beautiful.

21. 6.2009

maureen diffin (Australia)

i love angel thay are butfull x

18. 6.2009

Maureen Hopkins Cawley (Eire)

Love all your beautiful profiles and enjoy visiting them well done mary xxxluvxxx maureen

18. 6.2009

FAITH (Australia)


18. 6.2009

Dorothy (UK Scotland)

What a truly awe inspiring site. xxx

17. 6.2009


likein ur site..:)

17. 6.2009

dotty kidd (UK Scotland)

Thank you for letting me use your beautiful web sites. The art work is divine. You really inspire me.

17. 6.2009

joan farrelly (Eire)

Love Your Page....And All Your Websites..

17. 6.2009

Rula (Australia)

cool page.

17. 6.2009



16. 6.2009

rose walsh(Eire)

your angel card readings are amazing!visiting your site one of the most uplifting experiences in a long time. :):):)music so soulfull. my sister is now visiting site.thank you so much for this wonderful experience.:):):):)

16. 6.2009

RULA (Australia)


15. 6.2009

Peridot (UK - England)

I happened upon this site while needing some guidance and as usual, my guides and angels were not wrong. Thank you for all the support and positive affirmation that you give to all who also find this site.

13. 6.2009

Dee Irwin (UK - Northern Ireland)

mary this a really really brill site lots of luv Dee xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

13. 6.2009


I like that.

10. 6.2009

Daniel Ryan (Eire)

thanks for your site.... words cant express how much it made me happy to stumble on this site, answered my question for today love Daniel x

10. 6.2009

Kurt (England)

want to say lovely site you have here.. spent a good few moments having a look around.. will pop back for sure.. found this page.. frew Dark Angel xxx

9. 6.2009

Sarah (Eire)

I think this site is amazing.. I've sent an angel wish to the angels :) i hope they're looking after my grandparents.. I dont think they ever knew how much they meant to me :( I should have said it more often. Thank you for setting up this site, I'm adding it to my favourites :) thanks again, love Sarah xXxXxXx

5. 6.2009

Terry Patridge (Eire)

this is the most wonderful website ever it is full of love and it makes you feel very loved and humble to know that we have angel,s all around us helping,caring,guiding and above all loving us all unconditionally, so that,s why they sent you mary jac to share this love and this most sereene and beautiful angel website. so thankyou most profoundly with love and light alway,s to you and your family and everyone that visits this website xxxxxxxxx

5. 6.2009


thank you for this free service...i love reading my angelcard... thank you so much...

4. 6.2009

Bluebell Gardener (Eire)

!!!!!!! Found your site in Trinity Photoes !!!!!!!! You have a very interesting site and i will visit often.Thank you.!!!!!!!Many Blessing,s !!!!!!!!Bluebell. !!!!!!!!

3. 6.2009

Margaret (Eire)

Mary Jac, thank you so much for my recent reading. Its messages are completely accurate - not a surprise, since they come from loving angels. I am very grateful for these messages and for the angels' advice, which show me that I'm on the right path. I'm thankful for your gifts, Mary Jac, your ability to listen to angels and to interpret and communicate their messages to us. Love and light to you. X

30. 5.2009

Savannah (USA)

Hi Ms.Mary as you know my name is Savannah And I just love your page I like Angel also and I think that every star that shine is our love one looking down on us that star is our angel. my dad die June 18 2008 before he pass he said to us he will alway be there for us in time of trouble . And I know he is because somethings has happen to me and I was in it but it was like I was not in it. I just wish I could talk more to you and I would like to put you on my friend list if that is ok with you.Love Savannah

30. 5.2009

Marie (USA)

I like you Art Work Keep the good Energy alive in you Marie

29. 5.2009

Marie (USA)

This is a very froendly web site It atract my visual concern What is you do with "card reading"? I would like to congratulate you for youe great work

28. 5.2009

Nydia Argentino (USA)

I like your web site, I enjoy going on it.

27. 5.2009

Alison Steven (Scotland)

My Angel card reading was exactly what I needed to hear right from the first paragraph. I will keep this and any time I have doubt I will go back to it and read it over to let me know I'm on the right path. Thank you so much for your time. God bless you.

23. 5.2009

Lucy (Eire)

OMG. . . That was fantastic. And so so true. Some of it I actually started putting in place yesterday just before you gave me the reading. Excellent and so thorough for the price.

21. 5.2009

Sister Hood

I nid moa help 4me 2 understand and learn 2!! and I also like this site!!

20. 5.2009

Aere Hogan (Australia)

hiya angel,as always absolutely beautiful magical world.i imagine myself in that world. the art work is beautiful and the site is amazing.congratulations well done! thank you for the free angel card messages.all the best,and God bless.

20. 5.2009


wow i like your profile so beautiful like a home that is so peaceful and harmony.the first time i visit wow there is non other like your profile so arrange and very nice arts...thank you for the free angel cards...i learned and aware myself when I'm keep reading it...and so happy... thank you so much and more power to you.. GOD BLESS

19. 5.2009

Mary Jac (UK)

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