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Cristina (UK - England)

...such a beautiful, tranquil site. A very positive site, with the 'positive affirmations' for example. The music, meditations are soothing, and the messages are hopeful. The poetry is lovely! :) luv n hugz


Joan Douglas (UK - Scotland)

amazing xx


Marian (UK - England)

Just to let you know that this is one of the most wonderful sites on the net. Whilst my friends spend time watching tv I would much rather come here and surf around whilst listening to the beautiful graphics and music playing.!! I love angels and write a lot of poems about them which I have on my website and just about to be published in a book. You have worked very hard here and it sure must bring a lot of people great joy. Thanks.


Mel (UK - England)

Thank you so much for the reading Mary Jac! It has arrived at a time when I need it the most, I now feel so reassured by the messages you gave to me - I cannot thank you enough. Love Mel xxx


Ann (Poland)

I'm so glad from this site, It's really helping in spiritual development. I'm from Poland, and thank You!



Thank You very much- so inspirational site, help me every day. God bless You, Mary J. :)


Carmel (Eire)

Thank you so much for this page. It brings me so much comfort. I have had a dreadful year but I know that the angels are looking after me and things are finally turning. Thank you especially for it being free. I love my angels and love that I can come here for daily inspiration and comfort. Lots of angel love and hugs xxx


Siobhan (Eire)

I adore your site and find its one of the best and i enjoy visiting it daily. I have been through a very traumatic time in my life and find your site has lifted me greatly and inspired me. Thank you so much for it.


Dawn (UK - Wales)

Absolutely amazing. The message was perfectly timed and I feel so much happier now. Thank you x


Jo (Giuseppina) Loosemore (UK - Wales)

I absolutely adore this website - thank you so much xxxx


Tyran (USA)

I have to visit this site everyday to help keep me positive and ground me..wonderful site...every aspect. Thank you very much.


Daniela (Australia)

this is the most beautiful and inspirational site I've ever seen..thank you very much XXX


Brenda (USA)

I got an Angel reading for the first time and soon enought the number and word meant something important.


Mollee (USA)

I do believe this site is absolutely wonderful


Francine King (Canada)

i truly believe in angels and wanted to let you know your and angel too! for you came into my life at the most hurtful time in my life, and i went to your sites and found alot of comfort! actually i became more spiritual than ever too! so thank you for this beautiful site cause you have been alot of love and strength for me ! <3


Cheryl (England)

love this site so much in every way............


Dr.subhendu kar

"Oh what a site of benediction! Angel`s voice whispers to behold gloss of beauty reels through joy tranquil heart finds room of blossom spirit within seems to uplift onshore blessing divine betides to sprinkle along"


Laura Curran (Australia)

Thank you for the reading .


Michelle (England)

really love all things about Angels. when am reading all these pages etc it relaxes my mind it really is a piece of Heaven on earth x i look forward to reading these things it eases my depression x wud be lost without it x love everything about it x the pictures the words love it all x thankyou x



Absolutely......mind blowing. Trust me i was not only suprised but shocked too that whatever i was asking the cards were giving me exact reply. i really wanna thank you and angels to help me to get my anwers and above all the supreme soul whom i call shivbaba to help me finding my way through you all. Love you and god bless you. Keep coming up more innovative stuff. God bless you and happy spiritual journey


Michelle Brownell (England)

how very comforting this website is xx a little peace of Heaven on earth xx


Leonie Clara Trindall (Australia)

hello Mary , I would like to thank you for the insights of the angel card reading very helpful and loving angels comments . Bless you love & light From Leonie x



Your site is beautiful. I love visiting it. It has so many amazing things to explore. Thanks for all your hard work in putting it together. Many blessings to you!


Cynd Murphy (USA)

i love this site, you read these angel cards and you can always seem get a uplift and encouragement knowing that your angels and god are always there, but you have to remember, make sure if you make a request or prayer that it is what you really need to have, you just dont ask but you have believe and really want, i have struggled but never lost encouragement. this site was a livesaver in my book


Doreen (UK England)

This site is amazing, an absolute must for everyone, whether you believe in angels or not. Love it so much! Thank you , with blessings and light xx



I was deeply moved with the messages of the Angels and the Monthly Angelscopes. I am in awe on how it nails my current situation and what I have to deal with for the month. Right now, i'm feeling down and I opened a free card which says "Tell someone you trust, how you feel." Thanks for the guidance.


Geraldine Friel (Eire)

Thank you for an excellent reading. My dad has termimal cancer and to know that loved ones in spirit are comforting me helps keep me strong.Re previous relationships i always judge a new partner will be the same and hurt me but now my present boyfriend is different. i also asked the angels to send me a trustworthy man and know that the have down that.I do meditation every day to connect with my guardian angel and also keep an angel journal.also talk to the angels everyday. Love light and blessings Geraldine


Mary Jac (UK)

Thank you for all the lovely comments left here so far in 2012.
For Mariska from Australia and anyone else who would like to know - you can purchase my "A Pocketful of Angels" Angel Message Cards and/or my
"Embracing our Angels" book from HERE and HERE respectively.

Also for those of you, like Paula, needing to convert UK currency into another, you can google for "Currency Converter" of which there are many, that will give you up-to-date exchange rates which vary from day to day. Here's just one example of those:
Click HERE for a CURRENCY CONVERTER - I hope that helps,
- Mary Jac ~ xx



Thank you Mary Jac for this site and bringing me closer to my Angels. I read my Angel Cards every morning It gives me a positive outlook to start my day. I also want to thank my Guardian Angels for guiding me to this beautiful website ~Blessings )0(


Susan (Scotland)

Many thanks to Gem for a most enlightening message on love and relationships. It reflected totally on what is going on in my life and has given me hope for the future. It is wonderful knowing the angels are with me when I need help. God bless xx


Sandra (USA)

I love this website...when I feel down I love to visit, it is very uplifting...


Christine (USA)

Mary...I would like to thank you for the lovely and very accurate reading you sent me today. The Angels have never failed me. I must tell you when I first requested my reading, I thought I had requested a "Love & Relationship" reading, but I did not. I had filled out the form for a "personal" reading. I let it go and simply asked the Angels to please include that in my reading and they did! Everything happens as it should! Bless you Mary. I love your site and visit it almost daily for inspiration. Much love to you xoxo


Angelito (Phillipines)

Mary Thank you so very much for this beautiful amazing ANGELIC site.


Mary Dowling (USA)

Just LOVE ANGELS. I have them all over my house.


Mary Jane

I love this site I come here everyday, thank you for your wonderful site


Alison (Wales)

Mary your site truly is amazing, Im comforted whenever I come on here..I enjoy every part of the site, there's so much too see.You deserve an award for it...


Paula Beck (USA)

I was interested in getting a reading,but can you please clarify the pounds to US dollars conversion chart?


Todd D (USA)

Dear Ms. Jac, I like the website; keep it up. Thank you. Sincerely, Todd D.


Mariska (Australia)

This is an amazing site. I'm from s.a. and i would love to know where i can get all angel cards and books. I want it aLL. THIS IS GETTING ME IN A POSITIVE AND BELIVING DIRECTOIN.. AND THE BEST OF ALLL I KNOW ITS NOT WASTING MY TIME and energy LIKE ALL THE OTHER STUFF that i suround myself with. Angels are here and GOD is here and I know that they are watching. I do belive that this can help me. Please give me all the info where I can get these cards and books in s.a. thanks so much.i so need guidance.


Marie (Eire)

I Just love this site it is so peaceful and true


Pamela (USA)

I so love this website.. When im feeling a bit under the weather, the angel cards always lift my spirits... I enjoy reading the nice sayings on angel cards...Thanks..


Mary (Eire)

Thank You Mary,for your very comforting and accurate reading. A lot of it is very relevant to what is happening in my life at the moment. I will put my trust in God and the Angels to keep me on the right track.God Bless,,,,Mary


Dianne (Canada)

Your website is absolutely beautiful. I visit here often - everone needs an Angel now and then. I refer to so much of your inspirations in my volunteer church work as well. Thank you!!



This site is so blessed, absolutely beautiful, the messages,inspiration and pictures are so divine. Thank you and many blessings to the creator of the site and every energy involved, my heart is full with gratitude for every experience i encountered from this site. Thank you Thank you Thank you



I am from Poland , Lodz. thank you very much for this beatiful site. I truly believe in Angels. Best regards. ewa xxx



Thanks so much for the Angel Reading on love & relationships, I received it within 3 days after ordered as stated on the site. The reading was so positive and encouraging :) Will definitely come back for more readings in the future! xxx


Luana (Australia)

I think this website is beautiful, love it!



Many blessings for this work on web. It's wonderful to be here! It uplifts the soul! It's like smiles of paradise! Thanks a lot!


Bliss (USA)

Thank you for your lovely site. I believe Angels opened it for me. God bless you!


Barbara (USA)

I absolutely love your site! It is inspiring, creative, positive, uplifting, need I say more! Thank you for sharing with us! Wishing you much joy and many blessings.


Soraya (UK - England)

Gem, Thank you so much for my 5 card animal spirit guide reading. I am amazed at the accuracy & could relate to everything each animal guide was saying :) I would highly recommend that anyone who is contemplating having a reading GO FOR IT!!! Thank you again <3 xxx


Francesca (Canada)

Mary Jac.Thank you so very much for this beautiful amazing ANGELIC site, it brings me so much peace and comfort, there should more positive sites like your's. Angel Blessing back at you, Francesca


Trina (Eire)

Wonderful site. I check my cards every day for positive messages to lift my mood. Thanks so much! x


Charmaine (UK - England)

I just want to say what a beautiful website. I have been having an absolutely terrible time over the last year and I stumbled across your site by I can only assume angelic intervention. My card was "stop feeling scared, your angels are helping you now". I felt almost like a huge weight had been lifted off me and although things are still difficult and my life is still up in the air, I feel like I am being sheltered. Thank you xxxx


Tia (USA)

Thank you for such a wonderful website. I had a love reading done and it was so accurate and I'm waiting to see about the month and day. I'm sure my angels had an awesome message waiting for me. Ya'll were very sweet to me and when I thought I didn't receive my reading and asked about it, she re-sent it and was very kind. Some people aren't like that and I thank her very much for it.


Anita (UK - England)

I am so happy that the Angels guided me to your site,it is wonderful and I will be visiting it often.Thank you. In love and light x



A beautiful inspiring website. I love the free angel cards.


Luisa (UK - England)

Thank you for a lovely reading it's been great help for me and I do believe in Angels. :-) xx


Sylvia (UK - England)

love everything you do,and would like to thank you for all your help i have ask a lot from you and got all my wishes and more so thank you once again for being there for me. xx

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