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Attracting love and
discovering self-love
with the Angels
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Love is the most important thing in the world and everyone needs it in their lives -
from family, friends, and hopefully with a loving caring life-partner, too.
Firstly, though, we need to love, accept and value ourselves.
Once we have learned to do so we are open to forming lasting, strong and loving relationships with others.
We are also ready to be united with our soulmates.
The desire for a soulmate is universal - someone that you not only share love and passion with,
but also a deep understanding of each other's thoughts and feelings - a best friend, too.
This page has been created, with angelic guidance, to help us all with love for ourselves and others,
and to open a space in our hearts in readiness to be united with our twin-flames.
Scroll down to find the Prayer for Love and Contentment and the Soulmate Blessing, further down the page.
There are 7 Affirmations of Love for you to use - one for every day of the week.
Say the affirmations out loud, preferably whilst looking in a mirror, and BELIEVE that it is so.
You'll also discover here which Archangel to call on to help you with love and relationships, also with finding your Soulmate.
You may also like The Archangel Chamuel Soulmate Prayer - the prayer for true love
which you can recite each night if you wish to.
You can also discover which crystals can help you with healing the heart,
self-love, and attracting love into your home, too.
I sincerely hope that you find the love you are looking for,
Mary Jac xx

♥The Prayers for Love & Contentment ♥

♥ Affirmation of Love 1 ♥

"I truly and deeply love and accept myself"

♥ Affirmation of Love 2 ♥

"I am loving and lovable
and deserve all good things in my life"

♥ Affirmation of Love 3 ♥

"I am unique and very special,
and am really proud of that!"

♥ Affirmation of Love 4 ♥

"I am a good person and value myself
for knowing my true worth"

♥ Affirmation of Love 5 ♥

"I am just as deserving of a true love
relationship as anyone else in this world."

♥ Affirmation of Love 6 ♥

"I know that contentment will soon be mine."

♥ Affirmation of Love 7 ♥

"I am open and ready for true love to enter my life now."

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel is the Angel of love - Chamuel can help us to heal a broken heart and find the love deep within us so that we can learn to value and love ourselves, as we all should.
He works with us on our relationships to build and strengthen them, and loves to unite us all with our life soulmates so that we can find true love and contentment.
For the Archangel Chamuel Soulmate Prayer - a prayer for true love - Click Here
* Click on the image for more information,
and find out about how the other Archangels can help you, too.

The Archangel Chamuel Love Essence

Created by Mary Jac with the aim of attracting love & romance, and promoting self-love too, encompassing a peaceful happy heart. Inspired by Archangel Chamuel, this essence has been lovingly created with the aim of attracting love & romance into our lives. You will find lots more information and purchasing details by going to the link below where you'll discover that every ingredient used brings its own particular loving energy to this angelically inspired and romantic blend.
♥ Reiki blessed/charged for maximum efficacy. Size: 30ml
Click here for more detailed information and purchasing details

Rose Quartz

The best known love crystal is rose quartz. The stone of unconditional love - it's a loving, soothing stone, with a gentle energy that helps you to love and accept yourself.
Wearing a small piece on a necklace, close to the heart, helps to dissolve blockages that prevent you from being open to loving yourself and others.
Placing a large chunk in your home (preferably in view of the front door) will encourage a peaceful loving atmosphere, and attract loving relationships towards you, too.
Take a look at the 'Living, loving and healing with crystals' page to discover more crystals that are said to heal the heart, attract a soulmate and more.

If you'd like to send wishes for love symbolically to the Angels, to gain your FREE daily love messages,
or to send your 'love orders' out to the Cosmos, please click on the images below - it's all free for you to do!

♥ Soulmate Blessing ♥
"May your love life blossom and your dreams come true,
by your Angels bringing your Soulmate to you."

~ © ~ Mary Jac

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